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        深圳市敏捷安防科技有限公司是隸屬于MJ集團的一家專注于顯示部分有液晶拼接屏,廣告機,觸摸一體機,控制部分有分布式拼接服務器,視頻聯網綜合管理平臺,網絡數字矩陣,視頻解碼器,外置拼接處理器,的研發跟制造的高科技民營企業。公司旗下品牌為敏捷電子, 其中開發、設計、制造的液晶拼接屏,立式廣告機,臥式廣告機,觸摸一體機,會議攝像頭,會議終端音視頻主機、鍵盤控制器、紅外熱成像攝像頭,紅外高速球,紅外中速球,紅外恒速球,智能高速球,云臺,解碼器 、音視頻分配器、控制碼處理器、報警控制器等系 列產品擁有自主的知識產權,產品科技含量及品質居安防行業前列。
        公司通過長期的實踐、積累了豐富的技術、管理和市場經驗,培養并造就了一支年輕化,高學歷,精專業和具有創新意識的技術隊 伍和銷售隊伍;公司廣開合作渠道,與國內外多個高科技廠商、科研 機構、政府部門保持著密切的合作關系;公司全面了解客戶與環境的需求,在設計中把握產品的性能與特征,在研發中凝煉豐富的科技資源;公司擁有雄厚的技術實力、良好的信譽和完善的客戶服務;公司依靠強大的技術資源、專業的研發隊伍和嚴格的管理制度,以及完善的供銷渠道、強大的市場支持和優質的服務,并秉承公開、合作、共贏的原則,為客戶提供優質、高效的智能安防產品、應用服務解決方案和技術支持,從而成為客戶真正有價值并值得信賴的合作伙伴。
        Shenzhen MINJIE Security Technology Co., Ltd. is part of a group engaged in intellectual MJ smart security, monitoring equipment, development, production and sales of high-tech private enterprises. Including development, design, Manufacture of audio and video matrix host, the keyboard controller, infrared high-speed ball, infrared speed of the ball, infrared constant speed, intelligent high speed dome, PTZ, decoder, audio and video distributor, control code processor, the alarm controller and other products have independent intellectual property rights, product technology content and quality of the line home security
        Industry in the forefront, and Ministry of Public Security has been testing certification and ISO9000 international quality system certification.
        Through long practice, has accumulated a wealth of technical, management and market experience, training and created a younger, highly educated, refined sense of professional and innovative technical team and sales force; companies open up channels of cooperation with China outside the more high-tech companies, research institutes, government departments have maintained a close relationship; the company a comprehensive understanding of the needs of customers and the environment, seize products in the design of performance and features rich in technology R & D resources in the condensed; company has strong technical strength, good reputation and improve customer service; companies rely on the strong technical resources, professional R & D team and strict management system and improve the supply and marketing channels, strong marketing support and quality services, and uphold public, cooperation and win-win principle, to provide high quality and efficiency of intelligent security products, application solutions and technical support services to a customer truly valuable and trusted partner.
        Currently in China and Hong Kong has two design centers, and established a center in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, backed by two sales company marketing network covering the whole country. Has been to co-operate major domestic security projects, Li Lin, Guangzhou, Guangzhou Jiuding Group long-term partnerships. The company design and manufacture of various types of security products, in particular, matrix switcher intelligent security monitoring equipment, infrared aspects of best-selling ball machine at home and abroad, and gradually developed into the industrys largest manufacturer and the largest supply center. Today, Agile Electronics following the international security industry trends, user-friendly design, excellent quality, competitive price, quality service for our customers build a competitive platform for global integration and make unremitting efforts. We very much look forward to this client work together to create a better future!

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